PureOS on Pinephone

Long time ago I did some development on the OpenMoko and Casio BE300 Linux port, and last week I received my PinePhone, tried a couple of distro's and decided to take the PureOS route for now.
I successfully build my first image using kernel from Phosh image and injecting it into a Librem 5 image thanks to the instructions from mozzwald. 
Next step is to compile my own kernel instead of extracting the one form Phosh, and eventually also building the Librem image myself. 

Anyone on here actively working on the PureOS flavor ? Anyone keeping track of the list of issues ? 


The download server seems to be down - is @clover still working on this port?
Just learned about it due the 13 distro-boot-image and was by far the snappiest of all - would like to dig deeper into this one
I will look into why the download server is down, but i've paused development on this until the bullseye images are in better shape. Buster is too old to keep up with upstream phosh.
@clover Any news?

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