Is it possible to overclock
(05-18-2020, 09:57 AM)janat08 Wrote: That's cool, do you mean that all of the 6 cores are clocked that high? It would be wise to specify that in default configuration the laptop is overclocked as it should be with arm getting cooled as apposed to suffocated in mobile case.

Looking at this DTS file as well, "cluster1" labeled in the first file can be determined to be the A72 "big" cores. The A53 "little" cores seem to be running up to the factory specified 1.5Ghz.
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I don't consider that an overclock. The diminishing returns part must've refered to the big ones, unless the little cores can't work in tandem with the big ones? I doubt that 2 cores beats 4, or that overclocking the smaller ones is pointless.
So the small ones overclock?
(05-18-2020, 06:40 AM)manawyrm Wrote: If you're using Manjaro Linux (which is the default on the new PBPs), the CPU is already overclocked a fair bit.

This sets an operating power point of 2.0 GHz @ 1.3V.
I wouldn't go higher than this, it's already at the point of diminishing returns.

Official RockChip documentation on RK3399 states that the big cores can go "over 1.8 GHz", which is rather vague.  Having that in mind, what should actually be considered an overclock?

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