Battery life and ways to improve - request for official statement
Hello folks,

so far I didn't see any official statement why the battery life is so poor and whether there's anything to try/test to improve it. This should be the top priority imho! Observations:
- it's always top of the phone which gets hot (where the modem is located).
- touching the uncovered modem my guess would be between 55-65C all the time. This higher heat from the modem can be felt also on the screen side
- pmOS with plasma-mobile is way cooler based on my tests today than the Phosh image (tested today with latest images, no SIM)
- checking the CPU frequencies seems to be ok, however the lowest frequency seems to be high imho, is this due to hw limitations ? Trying to set the available frequencies to be lower didn't do the trick
  current CPU frequency is 648 MHz (asserted by call to hardware).

  cpufreq stats: 648 MHz:73.58%, 816 MHz:3.03%, 912 MHz:0.67%, 960 MHz:0.54%, 1.01 GHz:0.60%, 1.06 GHz:0.57%, 1.10 GHz:0.84%, 1.15 GHz:20.17%  (4271)

- is there any way to exactly track what is eating up the battery ?
- is the a known method to reduce power usage siginificantly ?
- is there any supported way to measure the temperature of various components in alpine linux ?
- why is the modem so hot even though I have no SIM inside the phone ?


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