Preferred distro in Feb 2020?
(01-19-2021, 04:31 PM)pagesix1536 Wrote: The original Ayufan Ubuntu 16.04 image was the absolute best distro available for the OG Pinebook. Everything except for the webcam worked on it. Even suspend! It was damn solid. It just old now.

I've been running Armbian for a week now. It's sorta ok. Still not to the level of the Ayufan Ubuntu. Suspend doesn't work. Volume keys don't work out of the box (had to hunt down, and install a package for that), power management seems wacky (it has a hard time telling when I have the Pinebook plugged in. Says discharging when its plugged in). I have weird graphical artifacts on the right side of the display (looks like pixel distortion or screen stretching honestly), and now wireless is flaky. If I run a continuous ping to my router, it'll drop 50% of the packets even being 6 feet away from the wireless access point. So I'm not convinced of Armbian yet... at least not on the original Pinebook.
Yes, but it's so old and I think that Ayufan has abandoned this proyect!

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For me (at july 2022):
- Manjaro (
- armbian (

"Official" updated iso's for pinebook and the most features/apps without going Android based (imo causes more problems and have less "laptop" life).
Both have xfce option -also Manjaro has Mate option-, more suitable for pinebook specs (didn't try plasma for example, but well, xfce fits more with pinebook I guess).

Also mention:
- Slarm64 (post - Slackware Arm)
- DietPi ( - minimal os)

About Android option, is a way for more "basic users" (okay, have all the Play Store) but times I tested I feel armbian or Manjaro works better. Options are discontinued (2017-2018) but are: Bliss OS or Android 7.1 (on subforum). Makes no sense for me to use a previous 7 version, many apps will not work.
Seems there are a PrimeOS and /e/ (Lineage derivated) versions (both discontinued). Didn't tested, don't know how it works.

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