Gnome image 2020-02-28

First of all, many thanks to whoever tried to put this image together. I am working on it as well.

However, it does not seem to let me log in (neither as the existing Linux User nor as "Not listed" using "demo").

I also notice that this installation does not seem to use the Mali400 driver, with the result that the screen elements are too big.

I have been trying to work on this as well, but am still struggling to get PMOS to start in Gnome natively.

These are the steps to replicate what I did:

1. Install 2020-02-18 phosh but DO NOT update/upgrade. Make sure your Wifi works.

2. Now install Gnome with

sudo apk add gnome
sudo apk add gnome-apps

Here I am encountering the first problem: Installing gnome-apps gives me an error message that it "breaks mesa-dev-19.3.4-r1" but never mind, it does not seem too serious.

Next, install a new user in Phosh, under Settings / Details / Users. I used just "tester" / "tester"

Then start Gnome with

sudo rc-service gdm start

When prompted, log in with "not listed" and use the credentials listed above.

What you get is a high resolution display which - admittedly - needs good eyesight, but everything fits nicely on your screen. Under Settings / Details / About, you should see "Graphics: Mali400" (which is not the case under Phosh)

Under Settings / Univeral Access, you can tweak some settings for better visibility (try Large Text to start with).

You can install common programmes quite nicely. Try LibreOffice, Thunderbird and GParted for instance.


But I have not been able to start this natively. If I try anything else, I get the low resolution display apparently used in the image that has become available today.


Can I also make a general suggestion please: Sometimes, when I do update/upgrade, the boot partition runs out of space. Perhaps it should be increased to something like 200 MB?

And since the phone's internal memory is 16 GB, perhaps the images should take this into account instead of limiting to 2 GB? SD cards are very cheap nowadays, 16 GB is not going to break the bank.

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