CHIP-8 Retro Game Emulator for PineTime
Sharing a quick fun diversion that I coded on PineTime within a day... PineTime now runs CHIP-8 retro games! Here are the videos...

More info about CHIP-8...

Whole lot of games available here...

I used an existing CHIP-8 Emulator for Rust...

The code I actually wrote is surprisingly little... (What took so long to get it right? Tracking down which Rust function was taking too much stack space)

Thinking of using the accelerometer to control the game... tilt your watch up / down / left / right to control the player.... will this be playable? Hmmm...

I have some ideas how to optimise the rendering (e.g. batching of pixels into blocks). But this has been a really rewarding exercise on PineTime... All it takes is a few lines of Rust code to run games on PineTime! :-)

How about we take some retro games and turn them into PineTime Watch Faces?
Very neat hack!
PineTime: wasp-os and MicroPython, Pinebook Pro:  Debian Bullseye
Blinky can become a really cool Watch Face

With music...

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With experimental colour...

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Rendered on a curved surface. Looks better as an animated watch face? Will be writing about this on Medium...

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Space Invaders and Blinky with improved rendering...

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Touchscreen now emulates buttons...

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This is awesome. Now do PICO-8 .. or LOAD81. Smile

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