Any one running any SDR solutions
Running Manjaro with AirSpy HF+/R2, PlutoSDR (my favorite), HackRF and the RTL-SDR works pretty well. The USB port power supply is a bit weak, so I had to use an external powered hub for the HackRF. The PlutoSDR has a second power input, which is nice. 

I've tried GnuRadio and GQRX, with gqrx I was able to display ~2 MSPS without buffer overflows. It's quite the CPU intensive process after all. 
This can certainly be optimized when all the ARMv8/aarch64 NEON capabilities are correctly used, but I haven't looked into that yet. 

My recommendation for SDR is definitely try a modern mainline distro with aarch64 userland (like Manjaro), because you're wasting a lot of performance otherwise.

DL4TMA, Tobias

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