pmbootstrap - choose different ui after first run
After you've run pmbootstrap once and chosen a ui, it seems to cache that first choice somewhere so that subsequent installs don't offer you a choice of ui. I'd like to try out some other ui's as the plasma-mobile ui isn't quite what I'm looking for. I did run pmbootstrap zap but that didn't affect this issue. How can I run subsequent pmbootstrap install and be prompted again to choose my ui?

I'll make another post with the problems I've run into with the plasma-mobile ui and I'll try to help with that as much as I'm able, however since it isn't the ui I'm looking for, I'll also be trying out other os's and ui's and likely dedicating more time to them.
did you run pmbootstrap shutdown?
(02-13-2020, 04:09 PM)ankylo Wrote: did you run pmbootstrap shutdown?

I didn't. I'll try that now. Somehow I haven't seen anything about shutdown yet but I'll give that a try (and go through the doc's more thoroughly). Will report back.

Edit: that fixed it for me. Thanks ankylo

Edt2: trying to give you rep but the rate button shows "javascript:void(0)". I'll see if there's a meta section where I can raise the question why.

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