How to restore factory Debian installation from SD?
Hello everyone,
I've been fiddling with my PBP with the default debian desktop for a while now. I've met some problems because it appears the kernel used is for arm64 architecture, while the userspace is armhf (32-bit arm by default).
This makes hard to build certain software (e.g. buildroot, esp-idf, crosstool-ng...) because installers download the 64-bit version of the sources (following the architecture given by `uname -a`) which then cannot be compiled by the 32-bit gcc.
While trying to work around this limitation I'm afraid I botched my debian installation and now apt doesn't work.

I wanted to start clean again so I prepared an SD with Debian Desktop. I can successfully boot from it, but from there I expected to see instructions to move the installation to the eMMC.

How should I move the installation to the eMMC from an SD booted OS?

There ya go
Thank you. Obvious in hindsight Smile

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