I spent an hour or two this weekend enabling the SPI NOR for use as a filesystem for MicroPython on the PineTime (this is how I plan to support persistent user-supplied code).

I couldn't make head or tail of the responses I was getting from the device until I ignored the entry page (https://www.pine64.org/pinetime/, 8.5MB of FLASH), the schematic (PM25LV512) and the wiki (MX25L6433F) and took a hi-res photo of my PineTime instead... With a bit of care... and photographs from multiple angles I have been able to read XT25F32B of my own device.

So... armed with this I've got things working nicely (main thing is that having only 4MB means the part doesn't implement can't use 4 byte addressing).

Just thought I'd post here to help future adventurers (and to encourage an update to the pinetime/ page linked to above). I'll tackle the wiki myself in a moment...
I've tested this on my PineTime here and it seems my SPI flash chip is 8MB in size (unless some really weird things are happening). I've tested this with a small STDIO (rtt) based test application (https://github.com/bosmoment/PineTime-ap...pps/fstest). I've modified the start offset of one of the LittleFS filesystems to start at 0x600000. This works fine and I'm able to manipulate file content and it is persistent between reboots.

Could this be some production variation? Maybe one of the Pine64 staff could shed some light on this.

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