Did you pay import tax?
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Did you have to pay import tax and how much was it?
(02-17-2020, 06:20 AM)someGermanGuy Wrote:
(02-16-2020, 02:24 PM)llnu Wrote: Switzerland ~48 chf.
The customs asked for price confirmation which took extra 7 days to finish (total 10).
At least it's here^^

Unfortunately i can not PM you. 
There should be no tax but 7.7% VAT.
The other fee is from the shipping company. Please dont mix that! 
It would be nice to have the costs separately listed. Could you do that please?
So pine64 knows how bad the courier is because thats the price trap.

$21 tariff
$15 VAT
$13 fee for lies on the package
No tax to Canada.
UAE - 5% VAT - 7 EUR
49 sFr , Switzerland

-handling charge ; 13.00
-customs clearance zone 2 ; 20.90
-import tax ; 15.10
I didn't have to pay import tax. I'm in Canada. I think the reason why is on the customs declaration sticker I see they put the value of the package as $25 and as a gift.
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Canada. I didn't pay any import taxes either.

Might be due to the $25 gift declaration -- or to the declaration that it is a developer's sample with no retail value.
Winnipeg, Canada.
No tax or fees. I really appreciate when final delivery is by Canada Post.
here is some feedback from Portugal

- 35€ in vat
- 15€ in handling fees
- was told documentation was incorrect and didn't match declared value
- was asked for a screenshot of website where i ordered it
- was asked for proof of payment (paypal)

I had zero feedback, not even an email saying it had been shipped or tracking code, very disappointed with this, i only knew my pinephone had arrived once customs reached out to me, i didn't even know if it had been shipped at all

i did not know you declared it costed 25$, so that caused a 1week delay + extra expenses (included in 15€ above), if i had any feedback at all i could have just said it costed 25$ and avoided the delay and maybe the taxes, because then i would not have been told my information was incorrect and they maybe would not have asked for website of purchase and so on (just maybe)
(02-11-2020, 06:33 AM)murak Wrote: 134kr (~$13) tax Sweden, arrived Jan 31. Marked as gift and with a value of $25.

Like that, but ~$6 VAT and the rest was PostNord's fee.

Package was marked as gift, value 25, but I had no problems with customs. A friend of mine did not have to pay anyting, whilst another friend had to pay the same as me. So it seems a little arbritary.

My only complaint is that I have to give out my phone number. Why can't the courier send me the notice by e-mail, or snail mail?

I had to pay about:
- 40 EUR VAT
- 10.4 EUR service fee

so around 50.4 EUR in current exchange rate.

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