full disk encryption with luks on manjaro xfce
Hey dear all, Smile

I happily received my PBP a few days ago. It looks more appealing and sturdy than I had thought beforehand. I really like it!  Heart

Now I'm trying to get a fully encrypted system on my eMMC, so I can start working with the PBP.

Reading a bit about the whole topic gave me the impression, that the manjaro-arm-installer could be the easiest way to get the job done, currently...

But I'd like to avoid having to buy an eMMC-USB-adapter. On the wiki, I found the following:

Quote:The script can also be run from SD to install an image to the eMMC.

What does that mean? Can I just run the script from an OS on a microSD, directly on the PBP, without having to use an x86-machine?!
If so, will an USB-based OS also work?

Also, would you recommend this way, or is there a better way to get this done (for not-so tech-savvy users Big Grin )?

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RE: full disk encryption with luks on manjaro xfce - by JtR - 06-30-2020, 06:16 AM

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