lol touchpad causes mouse to move all over the place when using in a car
This was so funny, but I'm guessing I may not be the first to see this issue. But wanted to mention here in case no one else has.

This morning on my way to airport I was using in the Taxi and noticed every time his car vibrated the mouse shifted a lot on screen. 

I try to replicate now by jerking it with my hands but does not. Something about the vibrations in the car were different. Even with hands off the laptop the mouse moved all over the place. 

I enabled the disable while typing feature but does not affect.

Hopefully this is an easy fix with a patch or something to ignore vibrations or as I'm leaning toward a simple brain fart moment....

THAT SAID: I will test one more time later today to make sure that my wireless mouse was not turned on. Because it usually times out and turns off itself overnight but who knows, that would be a good explanation, because I cannot repeat the issue with shaking laptop. lol

Either way I'm loving my PBP. Today it has replaced my work laptop officially. I've had no crashes in about a week of uptime. (standy only no shutdowns) and fiting nicely into 4GB of RAM even with 40+ tabs open and other apps.

EDIT: You can read my initial review here:
...I will update this shortly and include some more tips and tricks.

I've tried Debian, Manjaro, Ubuntu and Armbian and I highly recommend sticking with Debian and Armbian and hope that PBP team don't get too caught up into the Manjaro coolness factor. Debian is worth the effort to keep as the official distro at first boot.

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