PBP for SteamLink Streaming?
Howdy, I've been working on finding a way to get the SteamLink software up and running on the PBP with no luck. I'm very much a Linux beginner, so I'm hoping that someone can help me out with this as I don't know where to turn next. 

I've tried to compile the software from Valve's github with no luck. I'd really like to be able to use the PBP as a SteamLink - the hardware should do it fine since the actual Steam Link was an ARM board and they've also ported the Steamlink software to the Raspberry Pi and phones.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I appreciate the help and patience!
The Raspberry Pi version has a few libraries which target only RPi. It's closed source and we can't do anything unless Valve decides to be a good sport. Do write to them on Twitter and their forums Smile Any little effort could help Wink

Anbox is far from operational on aarch64 (not sure if I've seen someone try it on armhf images like the default Debian). Not that I've checked if Steam Link works with it anyways.

Your best bets are: Moonlight (that Nvidia based steaming) or load the Android image and try Steam Link there. Do share your results afterwards Smile

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You can get surprisingly  far into the client if you follow the steps in my post in this thread https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?...6#pid57786
I'll have to try and dig out a box that runs steam under X11 at some point to see if it goes any further. Since my main machine runs steam on wayland, I can't even connect properly from an android device, although it does get further than the PBP. 

As the previous poster said, however, it's unlikely to get much further as the app is linked to the broadcom VC proprietary driver, which they probably use in the in the screen sharing code.

On another note I was pleasantly surprised by how well the wifi held up, the steam link app showed a 90Mbps connection on the PBP compared to 95 on a nexus 6p.
Just came across this:

I am trying it in Manjaro on the PBP. Will let you know if I am successful.

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