kernel build script for latest mainline manjaro kernel
I'll reply to your hwaccel comments in the other thread to keep things separate.
i've made a diff of linux next20200529 and tsys' latest linux-pinebook-pro updates (branch 5.7-rc7). anticipating 5.7 released shortly!

here is the patch, more details about hwaccel patches in the other thread.
linux next20200529 pinebookpro patch:
@xmixahlx I compiled 5.7 with your config but USB-C charging does not work. Do you have similar problems ?
good question. i have been using the barrel charger lately, i will test. this thread needs to be updated. too...
Running this on Debian Buster. kernel-package is not a known package but doesn't seem needed. Additional packages are rsync libssl-dev:native

So far things are looking good. The screen was dim, but that's easily fixed.

Quick question about the state of suspend in the mainline 5.6. Is this true suspend or is this suspend to idle? Please note, I used the unofficial Debian installer to install my initial system.
tsys confirmed that usb-c charging is now fixed in his own thread now. try again.

i believe it is s2idle, but i was using about 2% battery overnight prior to installing my nvme ssd drive. now i've disabled suspend since it doesn't work on nvme...
@xmixahlx - I've seen this thread. I'm gonna give it a try today.
(06-07-2020, 02:39 AM)as400 Wrote: @xmixahlx - I've seen this thread. I'm gonna give it a try today.

It works Smile
excellent! i confirmed it worked in the default branch, and then rebuilt the hwaccel kernel. thanks for reporting. i moved my usual setup into my office and was using the barrel connector, so had no idea it was broken, lol.
updated the script in the first post for v5.7.

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