Boot Issue after replacing EMMC
Good afternoon,

I replaced the EMMC on the pinebook with  the optional 128 EMMC sold by Pine64.
After installing  the EMMC the Pinebook will not  boot. I keep getting a power light that blinks green and red. I reinstalled original 64gb emmc and still get the blinking power light when attempting to boot/install to the  emmc. 

I can boot from the sd card however and run an OS from the sd card.
I cannot write to emmc from the sd card and then install an OS.  
I would really appreciate assistance/advice about this.
I was unable to find any information on this issue.
Well gang....
After a quick prayer to Saint Tux
I was able to boot from the EMMC.
I just had to time the reset button press with the power on/boot process.
At this time, I am booted up on the original emmc that came with the PBP and will be reading the wiki and how-tos before upgrading the emmc again.
If you use one of these either from the Pine store or from Amazon

You can download mrfixit2001's latest to install it from another computer straight to the chip

Use something like Etcher

Put on the emmc, put in the PBP, hit the reset button and then fire it up....

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