Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
I mentioned writing an epidemic simulator earlier, got it running.  Not good enough for Sourceforge yet.

An epidemic simulation program.  The screen X and Y resolution are read, then a pair of nested for loops iterate locations, for each there’s a random 10% chance that it’s populated.  There’s an array of structs containing data about each populated cell/person.  An important thing there is the X and Y location.  Each loop through the array of structs I call a day.  Every day each populated cell tries to move 1 location in a random direction if it can find an empty spot.  At the start there’s one infected cell.  There’s a 40% chance that if an uninfected cell contacts an infected one during the random moving around it becomes infected, after the 2 – 14 day incubation period.  In the array of structs are counters like till_sick which if non-zero are decremented each day until they’re zero.  Hitting zero changes the cell’s status in other ways.  For tracking neighbors there’s a shadow [x][y] array which is indexed by the current location, what it contains is the index to the array of structs if inhabited, otherwise 0.  So xy[100][100] might link to struct[33] and that’s what gets set to infected or not.  And the x,y in the struct[33] are set to 100,100, each time one is updated they both get updated.  An infected cell recovers after a random period, this tries to mimic covid-19.

There’s no quarantiinng happening, and cells don’t die either.  I tried implementing quarantining but it was too absolute: everything just stopped.  It’s easy enough to add a quarantined variable to the struct, but I need a leaky quarantine.  Sort of like we have in the US where it’s voluntary so far.  Written in C using Xlib.  There’s one known bug then I’ll clean up the source and stick it on Sourceforge.

[Image: BNgWjgE.png]

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