Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
curious to know the pros and cons of using distributors in primary consumer locations, like usa and europe. that would allow for batch wholesale and inventory retention.
(02-21-2020, 08:28 AM)ab1jx Wrote: Here's a computer science application for you, write a simulator that stops a virus using only quarantine and see how long it takes.  Remember the game of life simulator?  Every active case has to be quarantined but it may take 2 weeks after exposure before symptoms show.  The number of people each potential case could contact in 2 weeks is large making face masks a necessity.  And staying at home.

I waited about 2 months for mine, it was worth it.  Anybody notice the virus effect on Bitcoin prices?

It's almost enough to make a case for having a few resellers.  If you want an Odroid from Korea, you can buy one instead from Ameridroid in the US which buys them in batches and maintains a stock.  Faster and cheaper since it's cheaper to ship them overseas in case lots.  I think the price per machine was up about $5 each but the shipping was about $20 cheaper so it made up for it.

Ameridroid stocks Pine64 products as well. I got my last rock64 from them.

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