mesa-git build script for latest panfrost
@xmixahlx Thanks for your effort in this!
Success with my build on @danielt stock arch64 Bullseye. Using your minimal lines for config knocked out the pesky dependencies for nVidia and unused external integrations.

I found that I didn't have a whole X11 development installation, and that the arm64 build from debbootstrap left out some Python3 goodies that I thought were covered. I can supply those as dependency checks, if you like.

First impressions are it's VERY snappy now. Switching to the Gnome3 overview is crisper and use of a transparent terminal Gnome Extension renders very smooth and quickly. My page-tearing when scrolling a full-screen Firefox goes away. Anecdotally, this is a number of great improvements, if not a formal benchmark.

— Jeremiah Cornelius
"Be the first person not to do some­thing, that no one has thought of not doing before’’
— Brian Eno, "Oblique Strategies"

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