mesa-git build script for latest panfrost
(01-28-2020, 03:55 PM)xmixahlx Wrote: thanks for these, i'll add them and hunt down the rest. (you don't need all of them, the script is checking for all possible inclusions for other systems, too, like BSD, etc.)

"DEVDIR=~/Development" i.e. /home/<user>/Development. so you could change to DEVDIR=~/build

...i assume everyone has their own way to organize compilation, hence the variables. i prefer ~/Development/{UPSTREAM,MISC}. UPSTREAM for things from git/svn/etc. MISC for release packages and things from apt-get source. Smile

i would be curious of your success/performance and what os/release/arch you are on. (i.e. debian sid arm64)
Yeah, some of these deps look like they relate to nVidia, but I'm going to wait until you can validate which are extraneous.

I'm on Debian Bullseye/testing with Daniel's kernel, enabling arch armhf. I have sid pinned at low priority for ecryptfs and related utils, which aren't yet in testing. After your help with git panfrost, I'm going to get a 5.5 kernel build with latest panfrost support, using a deb package build - so it's in the dpkg database.
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