mesa-git build script for latest panfrost

if you are on a "recent" kernel (5.2+) you will benefit from installing mesa from git to take advantage of the VERY latest panfrost graphics driver. 

below is a simple script to build and install mesa-git for debian-based setups. confirmed working on debian buster, bullseye, and sid. you may rerun the script at will to update mesa-git at any time.

folks on non-debian based systems can simply address requirements manually.

ccache is used to speed up rebuilds. feel free to remove if you don't want that.

hint: regarding rebuilding, you can review the git file changes for panfrost to determine if rebuilding is advantageous.

installing to /usr/local does not impact your distro mesa in ANY WAY. to uninstall for any reason,

enjoy your fps!

EDIT: now part of pbp-tools. see other forum thread for details.

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mesa-git build script for latest panfrost - by xmixahlx - 01-28-2020, 02:21 PM

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