How to DD to emmc?
Comment on the black screen on "Reboot"
After waiting at the black screen for a few minutes, I bumped the power button for an instant, and it finished starting up...
Not sure why..? but this has happened to me on a few occasions now.
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(01-26-2020, 02:02 PM)Sats Wrote: Hi,

I'm trying to install Manjaro to my PBP's emmc.  I now have a blank screen as I believe I wrote the .img to the wrong drive. I do have it in SD card so I'm able to boot from SD but can someone tell me how to get out of this mess and install Manjaro to my emmc from sd?  



When you boot from SD with the emmc image just press Escape after 15-20 seconds and you will have the instructions what needs to be done to continue. Then choose to install it to mmcblk2.

Good luck!

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