Confused about shipping/tracking information
(03-03-2020, 03:14 AM)ozzeruk Wrote: You guys are lucky.
I don't even have a shipping notification.
I purchased the phone (Braveheart series) - and got confirmation a few moments after that I had purchased it. (Jan 6th).
Since then - absolutely nothing. (Other than hearing that probably some weren't sent in Jan as promised, and that maybe it'll be sent in late Feb from support).
At this rate it'll be on general sale in the mall before I get my device.

I ordered mine in November of last year and I did not hear anything until it shipped January 20th.  It then took a few weeks to arrive in country and has been stuck in customs since then.  With the virus worries and border closures going on, it will probably take even longer now unfortunately -- even for the general sales.

This is definitely an exercise in patience Smile  but on the positive side, I've had plenty of time to learn everything from all the other people posting/reviewing/etc.

When/if I ever receive mine, I am going to definitely recommend that Pine64 not use this shipping method again and/or at least offer the option to pay more for shipping with a reliable courier.

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