Pinebook Pro Revised Keyboard Firmware
(06-05-2021, 12:22 AM)ab1jx Wrote: Hiss, don't rememer that.  From the speakers?  Does a mixer like alsamixer affect it?  Does it stop if you play a sound file?

I don't think that the hissing sound came out of the built-in speakers.  Though, I haven't attempted any debugging, because I wanted to complete the firmware upgrade as quickly as possible.  Another thing I've noticed is that the hissing sound started almost immediately after powering up the laptop, during the power cycle that followed the first step of the firmware upgrade.  If it started hissing so early, and the restoration of the sound card settings during the startup made no difference to it, I doubt that the source of the hissing sound was connected to the audio codec in any way.

(06-05-2021, 12:22 AM)ab1jx Wrote: You aren't mixing iso and ansi versions are you?

Nope.  It is an ISO variant, and it belongs to the first batch.
(06-04-2021, 10:43 PM)dsimic Wrote: I've also completed the third, flash-kb step, which unfortunately caused the Fn + NumLock key combination to stop working.  The green LED still turned on and off as a result of depressing the Fn + NumLock key combination, but the respective "numpad" keys still produced letters instead of numbers with the green LED illuminated.

On my keyboard (which I patched to swap Ctrl and Fn keys - I'm used to ThinkPad layout, so prefer Fn on the outside) when I enable NumLk I have to hold Fn to type the numbers. Did you try that?
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(06-05-2021, 09:30 AM)moonwalkers Wrote: On my keyboard (which I patched to swap Ctrl and Fn keys - I'm used to ThinkPad layout, so prefer Fn on the outside) when I enable NumLk I have to hold Fn to type the numbers. Did you try that?

Thanks for the tip, but I didn't try that.  I was in a bit of hurry, and seeing the NumLock not working as expected was a sign that something else might be wrong with the patched keyboard firmware, so I rushed to write back the unpatched version.

However, I really don't understand what was the reason behind changing the behavior of the NumLock in the patched version?  There should be a readily available patched version of the keyboard firmware that behaves in the usual, "stock" way, containing just the bugfixes.  In other words, I'm perfectly fine with anybody having their personal preferences when it comes to the keyboards layouts, but I don't like being forced to use any of those alternative layouts.

I know, there are some instructions on how to remap the keys or alter the behavior of the patched keyboard firmware, but doing that takes time, while the "stock-like" variant of the patched keyboard firmware isn't readily available.

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