Article: Debug Rust+Mynewt Firmware for PineTime on Raspberry Pi
Here's the new article that explains we may debug PineTime firmware with a Raspberry Pi...

Debug Rust+Mynewt Firmware for PineTime on Raspberry Pi
Thanks for this. I finally got the chance to give it a go, although slightly limited as my raspbian-lite has no gui, and programming is working. One oddity regarding the pinetime-rust-mynewt release v2.0.5 - the flash scripts in scripts/nrf52-pi/ call openocd/bin/openocd but fail as that's an x86_64 executable not an arm one.
Ah yes... The script overwrites that with the openocd-spi version for Arm. Sorry about the mess, but it's the only way that I can get VSCode to debug properly under Windows, macOS, Pi AND PineBook Pro

Here's where openocd-spi gets copied...

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That seems a reasonable solution to the cross-platform complications, and well done for trying to make it work for everybody. I wasn't exactly following the instructions so it's fair to expect things not to go so smoothly.
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