How to enable widevine in firefox (PrimeVideo)
(01-28-2020, 05:17 PM)simeon Wrote: I managed to get Netlfix working using firefox.

It seems that the problem was the user agent.

I switched to 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS armv7l 6946.63.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.75 Safari/537.36' and it works.

Any useragent switcher extension should work.

Thanks for this great tutorial.

It works on both default debian and Ayufan ubuntu

Hello ,

i am using Armbian Buster Desktop on Pine A64, and both Chromium-Widevine and neither Widevine for Firefox is present in repository.
Any idea on how to achieve PrimeVideo in HD on PineA64 or is this too much asked@
Thank you
Haven't looked at Armbian Buster so far. Is it aarch64 userland now?

If it is - you will have to use a container approach to get Widevine working for Chromium (haven't heard of FF getting arm support so far apart of Windows stuff for the Qualcomm devices). Check this thread.

Device: Pinebook Pro 128GB No:246 / MainOS: Manjaro ARM
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Thank you,

yes, it says

pine64 5.7.15-sunxi64 #20.08 SMP Mon Aug 17 10:32:57 CEST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux

will have to postpone this project as it seems to difficult atm.
even on a mac with external display(monitor) i can not get amazon prime in HD (unless booting into Windows Bootcamp).

Would be nice to hear that you folks here@PineBookPro are able to achieve what seems not on a Mac (streaming Amazon Prime Video in HD)

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