Installing Docker on Pinebook Pro - update 1/18/20
Follow directions on the official Docker site here and use the armhf set of instructions. This is confirmed to work for me on MrFixIt2001's build of Debian at this time. 

The remainder of this post was hastefully written by me on my first night owning my PBP. The excitement must have gotten the best of me and can be ignored. It may still be useful if someone decides to use a distro that is configured for aarch64 and thus not supported by docker in a packaged form at this time. I am changing the repo name from being specific for the pinebook to being more generic as I feel it is misleading as it stands.

The steps taken in a nutshell are as follows
  1. Choose from one of the available versions on and download the tarball
  2. Extract the tarball to somewhere in your path. eg /usr/local/bin
  3. Create the docker user group and add yourself to it.
  4. Don't reinvent the wheel download both docker.service and docker.socket located here and modify to your needs. Specifically make sure the ExecStart directive in the file matches the path you installed dockerd to.
  5. Copy these files to /etc/systemd/system/
  6. Enable docker via `systemctl enable docker` so that the docker daemon starts at boot.
  7. Be sure to log out and log in for the group changes to take effect.
  8. Enjoy docker!
You could skip steps 4-6 if using systemd is not your thing. can do all the above steps for you.

This was all done on the base Debian install that comes with the Pinebook. I do not see why it wouldn't work for other distributions as is or with some modification. Please let me know if there is anything that is unclear!

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