Pinebook Pro Open Arena Tournament (Saturday /Sunday fun anyone?)
Hi, not sure it's the right thread but I just cannot get a decent experience in 1080p. I'm using Manjaro and the package from spikerguy (but also tried openarena-git).
Unless I change the res to 720p (with an image occupying part of the screen), the game is very choppy. When I use `\cd_drawfps 1` to display the framerate, it show really good fps (50-60 fps) but this just doesn't correspond to the feel. Changing to 720p while limiting the fps (thus displaying lower numbers) actually feels better!
I tried everything but I think it be a problem with the graphics in general. I have the latest version of `mesa-git`, is there anything else that I should try?

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RE: Pinebook Pro Open Arena Tournament (Saturday /Sunday fun anyone?) - by Labo - 09-10-2020, 06:18 PM

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