Java 64bit
This is probably obvious but I am not brilliant on linux but how do I enable the 64bit JVM for java?  I don't want to just follow some random instructions on the internet due this not been an intel device!
What OS are you running? The default Debian? I'll probably want to install icedtea. I did it in Manjaro, and it installed fine.
Yes I am running the default at the moment.

Does it have a package already on Debian? or am I looking at doing a source build?
There should already be a package available through apt.
Doh I was lucking for icedtea packages I didn't realise that it produces the open jre and yes there was a package "openjdk-8-jre"

Unfortunately after install running the command "java -d64" still gives "Error: This Java instance does not support a 64-bit JVM." Sad
@Dreamwalker The default Debian is 32-bit only, (aka "armhf"). So, no 64-bit Java.

For me, I want multi-library, 32 & 64-bit userland. A great deal of pre-compiled Linux ARM software is 32-bit, but I'd want 64-bit for OpenZFS & it's kernel modules. Still looking around for my ideal Linux on ARM distro.
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale
Stupid me it never occured to me it shipped with a 32bit os installed Big Grin

I was planning to reinstall but still waiting on my nvme adapter before I did it

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