Help for a clueless newbie?
Ok, I'm not very tech savvy but I'd like to learn. I am learning Ruby and I find it incredibly hard and frustrating to get started on my windows computer.  I would like to learn a Ruby and possibly Python and attend hackathons/workshops with the Pinebook Pro. Eventually, I'd like to make games but that's way later. I just want to be able to learn the basics of programming with this laptop and hopefully do some basic other things like:

  • Dual boot Android/chrome - Honestly, I just want to play a few games from the google play store, lol. This part is super optional.
  • Do schoolwork:  Access my classes on the website, download/read PDFs, view videos.
  • Use apps like Mudlet.  I enjoy playing text-based games (MUDs) sometimes and I think Mudlet has a linux verison. A few games have browser based options, too.
  • Bonus points if I can learn about Arduino. My kids may be interested in those.
Thanks so much.
I think you may have posted this in the wrong area. Are your questions in reference to the Pinebook or Pinebook Pro?
(01-04-2020, 11:08 PM)tophneal Wrote: I think you may have posted this in the wrong area. Are your questions in reference to the Pinebook or Pinebook Pro?

Oops! Sorry. This is about the Pinebook Pro
No worries! I'm moving this to the appropriate PBP forum, so you can get the right help.

I think there's one thing I can certainly address now, too. Concerning Android/Chromium: Neither currently has access to the Play Store. Chromium needs some fine tuning to get that going, and the Android builds are capable, but you'll have to push the Play Stroe apks through adb. There's a few tutorials for this, though, in the RockPro forums. You can find them pretty easily by searching for Play Store.

Also, just to be concise, it's important to note that dual booting will entail keeping your alternate OS on an external media (SD is favored,) as both OS options cannot really live and boot from the same drive currently. (There may be tricks to get around this, but it won't be anything like setting up another OS in Grub.)

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