Mainline Kernel 5.4 Solution

i managed to get Ayufans 5.4 Mainline Kernel to run.

The Kernel option for CONFIG_TMPFS needs to be activated prior compiling.

Besides that u can follow this guide

I also increased ramdisk_addr_r in the uboot shell and   since this Guide mentioned something about it but i am not sure if it is necessary. 

Btw with this fix it still needs ages to boot since the dtbs is missing and some other stuff is very unoptimised. i also need around 2 min to login and couldnt get a keyboard working on the board directly.

Greetings Khaosgrille
I played around with the 5.4.0 kernel but the performance is beyond terrible. I am assuming ayufans 4.4 kernel got bunch of configurations to use the rockpro64 optimal. It works but i need around 2-10 min to boot, 2 min to login and it freezes every now and than. SSD is not recognized with the 5.4 Kernel.

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