PBP Battery issues. Drainage on load with external accessories
(12-31-2019, 01:17 PM)bcnaz Wrote: The Pinebook Pro is built for the user to 'Tinker' with it...
Your idea may be a good modification, especially for your case scenario.

However  Remember this is an "inexpensive" laptop,  so while the modification may be really good for some,  changing the production model that everyone purchases would drive up the price everyone would have to pay.

That said... Maybe,  "Do It Yourself"  upgrades may be a good addition for the wiki under such a title  ?  ?

Possibly even talk TLlim into carrying a power upgrade kit in the store...?

What were you running that would require 10 amps of power ?    The Dock itself  ?

I have an old HP desktop replacement Laptop that has the huge external battery that it sets on top of....
 That battery only came with a factory charger of 65 watts.

Perhaps an external battery would satisfy your requirements  ?

In other threads we have been discussing shortened battery life when an M.2/NVMe drive uses more than 4.5 watts,
10 amps is a Lot of power
especially in a low power laptop.

I was building vscode or somesuch, as far as I remember. The issue seems to be that the charger does only charge the battery. The fuller the battery the smaller the amount of current going through it. Thus it starts to drain even when a Charger is attached. My 4 Amps charger only delivered about 2-3 Amps to the book at max, which is not that much more than idle consumption with some NVMe cards installed and Internet Browsing or watching videos on Youtube.
Even running larger python scripts to analyze text caused a battery drainage, since the battery does not charge at the same rate as power is consumed. An external Battery won’t do either since it would not alleviate the issue, since power is not bypassed. Once the battery is drained the Book shuts down with absolutely no way to turn it back on again without charging it first. Engaging the power bypass and only using an external battery might work, but that again somehow beats the point of an ultraportable Laptop.

 Chromium seems to be particularly power hungry. One could use another browser, sure, but apps such as vscode rely on chromiums js-engine running in the background. 

I would absolutely love to see an addin-powerboard, maybe using the provided power bypass, but alas I lack the skills to build one myself...
(01-22-2020, 05:32 AM)james64 Wrote: My battery does not charge, or slowly drains when chrome has a bunch of tabs open. This is while powered. The battery should never drain while powered.

Is this problem larger than inadequate power adapter?

When powered, my battery discharges too if I watch a movie.
Yesterday the PBP died on me while playing 'Battle for Wesnoth', which I though wouldn't be a demanding game...(laptop plugged in..) Dodgy

Very annoying..

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