Welcome letter - feedback welcome
I like the idea of putting it on the wiki in order to keep everything together, but it's probably better on as a Google Doc, with access controls allowing edit suggestions. Then, at least, you have more control over the formatting and layout of the page. You could then export it as a PDF to put on the wiki, as a snapshot of a given state. Or, perhaps on Github as a markdown formatted document.

And everyone has already beat me to the changes I would have suggested, so looks pretty good to me now. Great idea, and adds that more personal touch that the new owner is part of the community Wink
As for how often it would change, probably each batch release for the the next 2 batches. (Current batch coming up / in progress; And the one after March.)

Plus, the welcome letter concept can be used for new products, like PineTime & PinePhone. (And the eventual PineTab.)

One of the things a few Pinebook Pro users mentioned, was they did not know what the default username & passwords were, and where to go for further information. It seems obvious to those who hung around the forums before ordering. But, someone who simply found the Pinebook Pro on the Pine Store and ordered directly from there, probably fumbled around a bit for information.
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(12-17-2019, 05:12 PM)pfeerick Wrote: You could then export it as a PDF to put on the wiki, as a snapshot of a given state.

That makes sense, as the Wiki would then have a record of each letter sent.
(12-17-2019, 06:50 AM)Luke Wrote: Hi all,

We'll be including a 'welcome' letter - or perhaps more accurately a 'getting started' letter - with future Pinebook Pro shipments. Here are the contents, let me know if I missed something:

Anyone with a PINE64 forum account (forums.pine64.org) can contribute to the Wiki.      
@Luke, you have a typo in the DNS name for the forum site. Remove the "s" as above. Every now and then I type "forums.pine64.org" and get server not found...

Of course, a more techy approach would be to add a DNS alias for "forum.pine64.org" with the "s". That way, it would not matter :-).
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale
damn, you're right @Arwen . Thanks.
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