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Has anyone else had issues loading forums and threads in Tapatalk? When I select the forums using the logo, and then proceed to Forums, no threads ever populate. I can see notifications and recent posts/replies from the Home screen, but I cannot actually browse any of the forums.
Yes. This has been my experience since the website/forum software update. Other forums I subscribe to continue to work okay.

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I have that issue as well.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I did some quick research into it when I first noticed it, and most of the Tapatalk support threads indicate it may lie in the settings/permissions of the forums. I know some of them won't be as available in the immediate future, but I'll try reaching out to the Pine staff.
Can any of the admins take a look at this? Thanks
@fire219 could you take a look at it?
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

I've updated the Tapatalk plugin. I don't use Tapatalk (to be honest, I thought it was a platform no one used anymore). Can someone test it?
Community administrator and sysadmin for PINE64
(Translation: If something breaks on the website, forum, or chat network, I'm a good person to yell at about it)

Success! Thanks, @fire219 ! Tapatalk now shows threads when navigating the forums!
I can confirm it works on my side as well. Thanks for the update!

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