NVMe SSD adapter installation instructions?
I've just received my PBP and NVMe SSD adapter. Are there any instructions about how to install it? Most of the threads to date have been about early boards, clearances and whether or not which make/model SSD will fit. I cannot find anything that will help a noob install this board.

My board is labelled:
PineBookPro-NGFF / M2 M-KEY

There's also a FS logo and the digits 1935 printed after it.

I have a small plastic bag containing three tiny black screws, one small silver screw and a brass standoff (look like a thick washer). I also have a ribbon cable labelled SSD at one end and PCBA at the other.

Are there any step-by-step instructions for how to install this in the PBP? There's nothing in the wiki and nothing concise in the forums.

I don't have great experience with electronics hardware, so any noob guide to help me (and others) would be massively appreciated.

There aren't any step-by-steps (good idea for an addition to the wiki,) yet, but installation is pretty easy. I'll do my best to help you:

Lay the PBP on its lid, and remove the 10 screws from the bottom case. (Be mindful of the plastic spacers between the case pieces, on the hinge-side corners. I put a small amount of super glue on mine to keep them from falling out upon next disassembly.)

If the hinge-side is away from you, you should see standoffs in the right hand corner, closest to you.

(If you know what length your SSD is, install the retaining washer to the board here.)

What I did was route the ribbon cable for the touchpad away from the standoff and started the top-most screw through the NVMe adapter board, and then hooked up the ribbon cable. (Currently, the ribbon cable does not line up between the two connecting points, but the cable can still be attached.)

After attaching the two ends of the ribbon cable, I positioned the NVMe board so I could start the remaining screws.

After starting all the screws, I went around the adapter board tightening them (like the method one would use tightening lug nuts on a car.)

You should notice warping in the ribbon cable shape as the adapter is tightened into place, there's a short video showing a working fold that can be used. Fold the bend of the ribbon cable away from the speaker, and place the bottom case back on. If you have some tape handy, it can help keep your fold in place while assembling.

(If you have your SSD, install it into the board.)

Put the bottom screws back on.

Here's an image that shows an NVMe adapter installed. Hopefully it helps clarify my terrible descriptions of placement.
[Image: PBPL_S.jpg]
Thanks for your detailed reply, @tophneal . It was very helpful and I have now installed the SSD, with additional help from these instructions https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?...0#pid52700

TL;dr My SSD adapter is one of the early ones that interferes with the trackpad mechanism. I installed the SSD (Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M.2 512GB) but it is not detected by the PBP for reasons unknown. I'll wait for a replacement adapter to be delivered then try again.

For anyone wondering what the screws and other hardware are for:
  • The three tiny black screws are used to attach the adapter plate to the PBP.
  • The brass standoff/washer is used to secure the end of the SSD after you have attached it to the adapter. Note that it is asymmetrical in profile - I used it with the thicker side facing down.
  • The single silver screw is used to attach the SSD to the brass standoff/washer, but in my case it was not long enough so I needed to use adhesive tape to keep the SSD flat.
Other observations: the ribbon cable is a weird shape and needs to be folded awkwardly to make the connection between the SSD adapter and the PCIe 4X socket on the motherboard. There is just enough ribbon cable to make the connection with very little slack. The adhesive on the right hand speaker will interfere with your cable placement too Sad

The SSD adapter is a disappointing peripheral for the following reasons:
  1. No installation instructions. Yes, I know the PBP is aimed at developers and technical hobbyists but not everyone has electronics experience;
  2. Adapter dimensions (early batch) does not match the final design of the PBP creating problems with the trackpad;
  3. Silver screw intended to secure the SSD in place is not long enough to allow the thread to penetrate both the standoff and SSD.
I hope these design flaws can be fixed in subsequent batches.
The groove in the stand off goes into the slot on the end of your SSD
The silver screw holds the stand off to the adapter board.

(Hope that helps ? )
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 See thread   ' Pro NVMe adapter Does not fit '  
Post number 73 by wizzard,  excellent picture of an SSD installed.
 Notice the spacer that holds the ssd,  this is the piece that hits the touch pad on a full sized ssd on an un-cut adapter board.
  Using the short ssd is a simpler 'fix'
Also note:
There are several other alternate methods, if you look around a bit.
Another, cut the adapter board and held a full sized module in place using a cable tie.

Also it is necessary to attach the module to the adapter board FIRST 'IF' you do use the Spacer to attach the module to the adapter. !
the silver screw goes thru the adapter board into the spacer, the modules seats into the groove of the spacer.
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Yeah, I just had a problem with that adapter even with my short SSD, so I made a radical step Smile

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