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How did we do this year and what could be done better?
I am a big fan of your work, keep it up.

What I would improve:

1) Better Shipping and customs processing

Something like the Ebay Global Shipping Program or the Amazon shipping would be really nice.

With those sellers, I can pay customs fees together with the price of the product (+shipping-fee) and I don't have to worry about the customs hassle since they handle it for me.

Why don't you simply sell / ship via Ebay as well? I don't think it adds a big cost. I would definitely pay a couple of dollars extra for a smooth shipping experience (I have to pay a minimum of 10 EUR anyway for any customs processing if I have to do it instead of the seller).

Maybe Ebay has a special program for community projects like Pine64 with minimal fees.

2) Better ordering experience

At the moment, the order process seems fairly complex and managed manually at several phases (I had some experience with it in relation to the original PineBook, which I didn't order in the end because of the long wait time).

I understand that this is because of the relative big time periods between production batches but it could still be improved significantly.
- Registering the order in a proper database
- Giving an estimate for the waiting customer about the next batch (maybe from the rate of collecting new orders)
- Notifications to waiting users how their batch is progressing (keeping up the enthusiasm)
- Possibly some integration with sites like Ebay and Aliexpress (in case you decide to use them)
- Notifications about shipped products

I am a software developer and willing to work on an automated ordering system for Pine64 as a community contribution (let me know if I can help).

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