S3 sleep / suspend to ram on Ubuntu 18.04
ACPI is not x86 only, ARM can perfectly have it, and linux could implement it (since it's the OS responsibility), but, it looks like it didn't. I mean even without ACPI tables that obviously are not present yet in rockchip's BSPs, it would be doable to implement ACPI Suspend To RAM and Hibernate sleep states - with the help of uboot, whose devs again probably deemed this functionality "gay".
I suspect, that the state PBP is put into, when the lid is closed is S none, meaning it's not a sleep state at all, since by the definition in all the S states, processor doesn't run. that means it should be waken up. without the firmware, understaning it's STR (meaning no SDRAM init needed and the different path of the initialization, handoff to the OS etc are needed)  the normal sleep states aren't possible then. only some lame hacks, varying from machine to machine instead. supporting this unmanageable mess of millions ways of doing the same thing is hard, so here the situation. when a suppossed to be sleep is frying your laptop. this is the price of neglecting and dismissive attitude towards ACPI from "some" circles. it's basically about "freedom". of ACPI. and as a result of the sleep states and battery charge. Smile

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