Pinebook Pro 'xtreme'

Yes, I am fully aware that a CHIP would be needed to translate PCIe to eMMC. It's just that NVMe is useless because it would, (as you rightly pointed out), add another layer of translation. Further more, NVMe is both a hardware standard, (basically PCIe), and a complex software interface standard. eMMC on the other hand is a bit simpler 8 bit parallel bus hardware interface and straight forward software interface.

Yes, it would be nice when SD cards have a PCIe interface. But, one of the problems with SD cards is that they generally do not have much longevity. Meaning an eMMC was designed to last the entire life of a phone, tablet or other device with on-board storage. That should be years of use. Many SD cards, (as many RaspberryPi people found out), don't last as long.

Lets not argue over something that you don't have to buy into. If I pursue it, and find its power consumption is more than expected, then I will drop it. That's one of the reasons I bought an open source laptop. I can choose to make changes. If they don't work, (or don't work well), so what?
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