PCI-e to Dual SATA-II Interface Card only works with one disk
@taube, it's interesting...
A wild guess: may be your HDDs have exactly the same interface identification and the system fails to distinguish one drive from another (but it should because of different ports)? And the problem is more software than hardware? what if you will change one 4TB drive for another brand? If you planning use RAID1, i also recommending to use different drives to separate the aging failures. Similar drives more likely may fail after the same operating time than different brand/model. One more point for different drives is they will start the spindles differently and will load the supply by starting current less.

You may skip the written below. I thing it has a little sense, I left it here just because already typed...
May be you will try this EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) improvement with Pine64 card? The goal is to provide a good screwed or soldered connections between all 4 parts grounds: an SBC, a card and an HDDs.
If your case is metal made, you may omit additional connecting HDDs ground but ensure that the frame with HDDs is electrically connected to the rest of the case, may be by a rivets or screws. Sometimes, if the parts of a case was painted before assembling, they may have bad electric contact between. Anyway you need ensure the solid contact of HDDs to case and SBC PCB ground to case and NAS case to SATA card. Usually the screws are enough for that. Just check wither the screws have a contact with unpainted metal.
The most problematic place may be a ground contact between the SBC board and a case. As for me it will be best if skilled person will solder the short wire to the point where black HDD supply wires are connected. Then you may screw this wire to the case, metal to metal.

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