PCI-e to Dual SATA-II Interface Card only works with one disk
@taube, I dislike the signal integrity of Pine64.org SATA card. But I have one and using it with two HDDs in RAID1 for at least three month. Sometimes the load of HDDs are maximum (a lot of R/W operations across hundreds of GB of data). No single failure. One HDD is Seagate SV35 series, another is HGST Ultrastar 7K4000. Despite I have severely criticize the design of "PCI-e to Dual SATA-II Interface Card" of Pine64 stock, in mine environment it works without of a single failure. To be most precise, I'm using next hardware configuration:
  • RockPro64 SBC, 4GB version
  • 12V 5A Pine64 stock power supply (JX Microtech Sdn.Bhd manufacturer)
  • 16GB EMMC Module
  • ROCKPro64 special designed power cable for 2 SATA drives
  • ROCKPro64 30mm Tall Profile Heatsink without of a cooler
  • ROCKPro64 PCI-e to Dual SATA-II Interface Card
  • 2TB HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 HUS724020ALA640 
  • 3TB Seagate ST3000VX000-1ES166 (CV26)
  • None Bluetooth/Wifi, just twisted pair Ethernet connection
  • A display with HDMI interface
  • No-name USB2.0 hub with mice and keyboard connected
  • USB3.0 uSD/SD cardreader with occasionally inserted SD cards.
The "computer" is working without of a case totally. The SATA card is fastened to nearest SBC mounting hole by a piece of thin insulated wire (to prevent unexpected pulling-out). The hard drives are just laying on my working table.

Operational system last month is bionic-mate-rockpro64 (armhf) from ayufan's site. I had none even a single problem with HDD. Previously I used single Seagate drive at USB3.0-to-SATA converter. But had a problem with data integrity. That is why I moved to PCIe-SATA card and have added another disk of higher reliability. I'm using three software RAID1 partitions of total 2GB size on these disks.
The system is operating around the clock. Every month I do RAID1 scan. No failures. No freezes.

Your symptoms cause is most probably a weak power supply. That is why one disk is OK but two aren't. What power supply(s) you are using?

P.S. the Linux is placed on eMMC module. The HDDs are used for data storage and processing.

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