anyone has any success in creating a media center with this yet?
(05-02-2016, 01:08 AM)xrez Wrote: HD video is no problem at all just sound at the moment. I can get 2.0 fine but cant seem to get it to output 5.1. I did try the passthrough feature on kodi but the sound cuts off every 3-4 seconds. It is also connected to a pretty decent receiver capable of dts/dolby decoding at the very least
I'm not smart enough to know if this is actually related, but I was encountering the same issue (of sound cutting off every so often) with my Roku3.  It turned out that that particular TV was not as High Def as the manufacturer had led its customers to believe.  After several service calls, we diagnosed that the maximum resolution that my TV would support (which was also compatible with ROKU3) was 720P.  The TV was capable of near 1080P, but not quite.  Roku3, when asked to push 1080P sacrificed sound quality and capability.  Like I said, this may not be a related issue.

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