anyone has any success in creating a media center with this yet?
(07-08-2016, 06:06 PM)phelper Wrote:
(07-08-2016, 12:25 PM)tllim Wrote:
(07-07-2016, 06:06 PM)phelper Wrote: I've tried Android and RemixOS.   I've tried KODI on both, and VLC.  I've tried ethernet and WiFi.  Neither can handle big .mkv files without near constant stuttering issues.  Hope they get the issues worked out, guess I'll keep up with my  Raspberry Pi until then.

Please advise on "big" MKV file? Check whether MPlayer can handles. If positive, switch your Kodi setup to native playback.

No luck either with Mplayer, just keeps buffering every few seconds.  Files are about 6GB.  Couldn't find a Kodi native playback selection, will look more or google it.  

Thanks, I appreciate your response.

6GB is not a big file, and I have try out several MKV file in 720p or 1080p H.264 format and plays well.

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