Q4OS for PinebookPro
(06-20-2021, 02:43 PM)q4osteam Wrote: @jiyong

By the way, why did you need to fix SD card partition after writing Q4OS on it ?

I went through one of my old videos and it seems I sometimes have issues when I overwrite an image on a micro SD card.
So probably there is nothing wrong with the image and would work without problems on an empty micro SD card.
Perhaps I'm missing a parameter with dd.

The video is not very clear, but I post it anyway, just in case you want some more details.
This was with a Manjaro image, but it shows the same behaviour.
I did some brief testing. Ethernet to USB adapter works, so I didn't test wifi.
At startup I hear the start sound.
I tried playing Big Buck Bunny in 1080p60 with VLC, but VLC isn't using hardware acceleration.
https://archive.org/details/BigBuckBunnyFULLHD60FPS (I downloaded the MPEG4 file)

The trackpad isn't using acceleration.
I tried setting a higher acceleration with mouse settings, but I didn't notice a difference with the trackpad.
Is it possible to configure two finger scrolling?

I hope to do some more testing next week.
Touchpad speed can be changed in "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/60-libinput.conf", add the line:
Option "AccelSpeed" "0.80"

You could run Vlc with "-V x11" switch to enable acceleration:
vlc -V x11 video.mp4
A new Q4OS for Pinebook Pro build 3.15-r1 has been released. This build is now considered as stable, download it from the Q4OS website https://www.q4os.org/downloads1.html#downloads_spechw

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