Pine Phone cases and accessories
(11-16-2019, 02:04 PM)bcnaz Wrote: When will we be able to purchase cases and other accessories for our Pine Phones  ?

I remember reading that the proceeds from the cases will go to the community....

The previously mentioned keyboards may be nice for some users.  ?

Some screen protectors would also be  very nice item to have.

*  I realize it may be a while but a projected estimate would be nice.

Personally I would really like a pouch type case,  that goes on the belt.


Every 'SMART' phone I have owned so far, has wound up with a cracked or shattered screen....
 It is cheaper to replace the phone than have the screen replaced..!
SO  Perhaps a Screen Protector should be number one ?
Though my Iphone screen cracked even with the screen protector installed.

 Perhaps the Pine Store will be bringing out a line-up of Pine phone cases after the Brave Heart Rush  ?

   and a line of other accessories for the phone ?

  Or  Perhaps an affiliated Store  ?

The proceeds from case sales  will be going for a good cause...  !
   Donate to $upport
your favorite OS Team
What if the PinePhone cases had a small hole in the back (say 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch) for any I2C peripherals, e.g. a better camera or a fingerprint reader? It shouldn't pose a problem to the phone itself. A lot of iPhone cases have a small hole just to display the Apple logo.

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