Plastic Spacers at Hinges - Substitution
This morning I found that both plastic spacers at the hinge corners had fractured. These are part of the physical design of the laptop and should be replaced.

I measured the spacers with digital calipers and found the height of each to generally be 1.3 mm, with the inner diameter of the hole to be about 2.2 mm. A request in the #pinebook IRC channel for the design dimensions did not get a response, so I am using the dimensions as measured.

I sourced two different sets of spacers from the local hardware store. Each set had these characteristics:

Material: black nylon
Height: 1.5 mm
I.D.: 3.4 mm

Material: fiber
Height: 1.4 mm
I.D.: 3.9 mm

I selected the black nylon spacers. Although slightly taller than the original, the inner diameter is slightly smaller which should result in slightly less stress to the magnesium case should the screws be slightly over tightened.

I installed them by applying silicone adhesive to one side of the spacers and attaching them to the metal hinge assembly, centering the opening over the screw holes.

UPDATE: 26 DEC 2019

The ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive (think super glue) is definitely the better choice for mating the spacer to the metal surface of the hinge. The spacers are staying put.

UPDATE: 07 DEC 2019

The nylon spacers are working great. The silicone adhesive was not that effective, the spacers did not stick very long. I have cleaned them and the metal mating surface with isopropyl alcohol and am testing an ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive now.
My spacers broke too.
They are fragile.

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