Adjusting screen resolution lead to a black screen
it's a $200 laptop, it's not perfect.

For me, this is not the point. The laptop is OK so far. Well yes, better speakers, higher sound volume and a touch screen would be on the wishlist but anyways it is ok as is.

I see the problem in the communities as almost everyone wants to reinvent the wheel. I am a good example for this as I created my own admin-linux in 2003 to fit on one of the old disks. I think it was 1,5 Mb or such.

With 63 I am on the way of beeing an "old man" and maybe I am getting childish but for me it is enough to work with one operating system.
I was on redhat, then CentOS and now I stick to debian and I really do not want to change from apt-get to npm or pacman or rpm, yast.. you name it.

THIS is childish! We have the linux-kernel and all should work to merge in one common minimal, lean linux distribution.

What I learned is: what I do not have can't brake... can not make problems
and of course: never touch a running system.

btw: I solved the problem rather old stylish:

echo "Xft.dpi: 150" >> ~/.Xresources

did the job.

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