What did you name your Pinebook Pro?
I usually just call it my axe.


But it's black...

Sheoldred, Coil-Humming One?


Carefully-Aimed Falling Branch?

My roots are ash, my heart a smouldering ember. What I could not protect... I will avenge!

... "My axe".

[*] In treefolk society, this alone marks you out as incredibly perverse.
I've named mine 'bassrock'.  'The Bass Rock' is a small rocky island in the Firth of Forth just off the seaside town of North Berwick in Scotland.  The Bass Rock is uninhabited except for thousands of seabirds. A reminder of many happy holidays in that part of the world.
I'm not that creative with computer names for no particular reason. I always had oddball names for songs or computer applications, but I've only got a handful of semi-creative computer names. The rest are all generic. I almost named this one pine or Pinebook but after experiencing this Pinebook Pro, I'm hesitant to use a name that might be fitting for a future one. (Incidentally this Pinebook Pro is the first new computer I've purchased since 1986.) So I named it "pbp" after the common abbreviation I see here.
i just called mine "Armed"
Pinebook Pro - 06.17.2020 Manjaro ARM i3 20.06
Mine is called brick
I'm much in-line with Jeremiah, I named mine "fjord". I found a background photo of a fjord in my collection of our holidays in Norway two years ago, which seemed fitting.

BTW fjord due to Monty Python, pining for the fjords, for those who didn't get the reference.

I used to name my machines after places I lived, my first machine was called "paris" for that reason, even though I got it after moving away. I sort of went for the time the machine would have been state of the art, then thought back where I lived at that time.
At some point, machines inherited those names. So I still have neuchatel and zurich and a laptop called madeira, though I just spent holidays there.


my Desktop Arch Computer

nMac4 (Not Mac 4) running Manjaro
nMac1 is an Intel NUC running debian/nextcloud
nMac2 is another intel NUC with Manjaro
nMac3 is an old HP Elitebook G2 running Manjaro (btw, a GREAT laptop for ~ $250; refurbished from Amazon)
nMac5 is a pi4)
I don't have mine yet but I plan to name it "Pinaceae" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinaceae), aka the pine family.
I run a PBP with kali linux and I like hacking weird things (legally of course).

Pet Peeves:
   Anything to do with the words "Pet Peeves"
Sanguine, after https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Sanguine

I name most of my machines after daedric gods ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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