What did you name your Pinebook Pro?
I tend to prefer very short names so I went with "yan" (岩) which means "rock/crag". I thought it was fairly fitting.

I did almost name it V'ger, but it didn't feel appropriate enough. :p
I just named mine piney.
I named mine 'flynn' after Sam and Kevin Flynn from the Tron movies.

follow up to my 1080p pinebook named: whitepine

so clever I know...

all my computers are named after crayon colors
I am toying with the idea of naming my PBP alterkocker -- it's Yiddish, Google it -- after me. That would make it sort of a cyber-mini-me. I will, however, have to consult my wife (who is burdened with the task of monitoring my mental competence on an ongoing basis).
I have most of my machines named for references to James Brown songs or more recently, to David Bowie songs and albums.
I suspect when mine arrives, I can break from this pseudo-convention.

I'm leaning towards "Perkins" after Pinetop Perkins, or the more oblique "TheFjords" ;-)
— Jeremiah Cornelius
"Be the first person not to do some­thing, that no one has thought of not doing before’’
— Brian Eno, "Oblique Strategies"
Piney the Elder
...because bad puns are best puns :-)
After Eggsy from Kingsman.
I've been on a Star Wars motif for literally decades now.  

I named this after my favorite new Droid, D-0.

I attached my custom wall-paper, which I made on the PBP with GIMP.

I have it play OGG sound files from RoS like "Battery Charged", "No Thank You" etc.  I have about a dozen D-0 sound clips that I tied to different events in KDE plasma.  They sound fine on the really shitty speakers of the PBP, it adds to the realism  Big Grin

One thing I discovered - the Notifications configure widget in Plasma can't play WAV files on events, as advertised.  It seems to only play OGG.

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i name all my computers after characters from dune.

with the pbp i have added "-nvme" etc so i remember which device i booted from. Smile

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