Always in 'Charging' state, despite being disconnected from external power
Wanted to provide an update. The issue appears to be with the default OS on the PBP. Switched to Manjaro 19.12 KDE Plasma and the charging state is being reported correctly.
(01-07-2020, 05:17 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Have you tried running a different OS from an SD card  ?
   Just curious,  That could be a step in determining if it is a software or hardware problem.

Meanwhile I tried Manjaro (KDE Plasma). With it the state is reflected 95% correctly.
  • Charging via barrel plug or USB-C -> battery widget indicates charging state
  • No power adapter connected -> battery widget indicates discharging state
  • Charging via USB-C power adapter, then unplugging the power adapter from the wall socket, leaving the USB-C side attached to the Pinebook -> battery widget continues indicating charging state.

After Manjaro ARM update this week, I've got same problem. So, is there any fix for that?

UPD: Tried the default OS running from SD card, same problem. Shows AC adapter is online all the time.
So...anyone pinned down the package? Default Manjaro installation 20.01 and 20.02.1 both has battery working as expected, but packaged update breaks things.

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