Possible issue with current batch of eMMcs ignoring first read operation
During the discussion about the upcoming pinebook and phone on hackernews the report of a severe issue with the batch of eMMCs shipped with the A64-LTS came up. Namely that the eMMCs apparently ignore the first read instruction which leads to not being able to boot from the eMMCs.


The originial report is on the pine subreddit from a month ago.


The author added a bunch of information in the HN post, namely that he tried the different images from the etcher fork and not just armbian and

>I then was able to order a usb3->eMMC adapter, and was able to debug the USB and determine my assertions were correct: those eMMC chips ignored the first read operation.

Unfortunately,  I am not familiar with the issue myself, but thought it would be beneficial to collect the information here.


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